Pledge to recycle

Pledge to Recycle your Cartons to win £50 iTunes vouchers!

Encouraging everyone to recycle their cartons is a vital part of our commitment to the environment. More than 90% of Local Authorities across the UK can recycle their cartons, yet we still need to get more people to recycle. Together we can recycle the ~60,000 tonnes of cartons used across the UK every year. Pledge to squash and recycle your cartons today!

All pledges received each month will be entered into our prize draw to win £50 iTunes vouchers. You can renew your pledge every month to enter each prize draw.

I pledge to recycle my cartons

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Carton Crafts

Why not have fun with your cartons!?! Get creative with our carton craft kit and holiday carton art kit so that you can make some fun things out of your used cartons.

Or why not choose to inspire others. Help us add more designs to our carton craft activities to allow classes across the country to ‘get creative' using your ideas! It's simple! Just email your design to us at the following address, complete with design instructions. These will not appear immediately, but all the best designs will be uploaded for everyone to see and use.

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Green Tips

As hosepipe bans regularly take hold across the UK, it has been suggested that future homes should be designed to allow people to re-use “grey water" from baths and showers to flush the toilet or water the garden.

Now, for some of us, this might seem like a bit of a stretch but, for others, this is just scratching the surface of the things we can do to be greener at home.

Tetra Pak® and Do The Green Thing have asked Brits to share the things that they do to go the extra mile and live a greener life, with some interesting and sometimes unusual results!

For those looking for some inspiration this summer, here are some of the top ideas we thought worth sharing:

  1. Cooking fish in tin foil using the heat from a car engine
  2. Using the water you've cooked with - e.g. pasta - to water your plants
  3. Brewing your own beer
  4. Reusing the milk you cook with to make a cup of tea
  5. Using household items like beer, egg, vinegar rather than shampoo
  6. Dressing in the dark to save electricity
  7. Showering with a friend!
  8. Cleaning your house with vinegar
  9. Using free colourful newspapers and magazines as wrapping paper
  10. Upcycle rubbish and unwanted items into presents

For more information on Do The Green Thing visit

Weird & wonderful green living tips gathered by Tetra Pak and @dothegreenthing.

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Lesson Plans

Our planet's resources are running out and we understand the importance of looking after them. This is why we are committed to the use of renewable resources.

Renewability and wider issues around sustainability are an important part of the national curriculum, and to help you introduce your children or students to renewability, we have designed a set of teaching resources to complement Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 learning on these topics.

The pack features 5 lesson plans, covering the following:

  • Lesson 1: Planet Earth now and the 4 Rs
  • Lesson 2: Renewability - What does it mean?
  • Lesson 3: Think global, act local
  • Lesson 4: Environmental poetry (and the 4th R)
  • Lesson 5: The power of images

Download the lesson plans.

We have also supplied a number of themed ‘fun-time fillers'; five to ten minute activities including word searches, cross words and other puzzles

Download the fun-time fillers.

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Help Spread the Word

We can all do our bit to help the environment, not only through our own actions but by getting others involved as well. Now that over 91% of Local Authorities collect cartons for recycling, getting as many people as possible to recycle their cartons is a great way to get involved. It is also a great to people involved in recycling general.

With this in mind, we have created an easy-to-use range of media material you can use to raise awareness of carton recycling in your area.

If you are a Local authority, teacher, parent, student of just someone who cares, feel free to use any of these.

If you want to get people in your area excited about carton recycling, why not ask people to pledge to recycle their cartons through our online portal or why not run a competition, asking people to come up with the most innovative way they can squash their cartons before recycling.

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