A carton package from Tetra Pak® is an environmentally smart choice.

Tetra Pak cartons are predominantly made from a renewable raw material - paperboard, which is also produced mainly using renewable energy. The majority of our cartons can carry the FSC stamp of approval to show that the timber used to produce the paperboard is from FSC certified forests and other controlled sources. Furthermore Tetra Pak cartons are lightweight, transport efficient, recyclable and our aseptic packs can preserve their contents at ambient temperatures without the need for preservatives or refrigeration.

All together this usually translates to a low carbon footprint compared to the alternatives. The credibility of this is backed up by indicative life cycle assessments, where cartons are repeatedly shown to be a low carbon impact packaging choice.

The FSC license code of Tetra Pak is FSC C014047


FSC - The mark of responsible forestry