Wine to be packed in cartons in the UK for the first time 22/05/2012

Tetra Pak and Greencroft Bottling Company Ltd, part of the Lanchester Wine Group, have announced a partnership which means that - for the first time ever - wine can be packed in cartons in the UK.  This development will bring significant commercial, logistical and environmental benefits to wine brands, importers and retailers. For consumers, it also provides a convenient, credible alternative to glass bottles.

For retailers and wine brands, Tetra Pak cartons offer lower materials costs and a final product that is extremely space-efficient, meaning more products can be merchandised on-shelf, maximising return per square foot of selling space. Cartons also bring clear on-shelf brand and tier-differentiation and, while branding on bottles is usually limited to two labels, Tetra Pak cartons offer a 100% printing surface area, providing multiple branding opportunities for wine producers.

As well as offering advantages for the wine industry, Tetra Pak cartons also bring a range of environmental benefits.  They are widely recyclable, low-carbon and made primarily from a natural, renewable resource – wood in the form of paperboard – with over 1.5 billion cartons in the UK and Ireland are made using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified board.  They are also lightweight and space efficient; 1 million litres of wine packed in Tetra Prisma Aseptic 750ml cartons can save up to 436 tonnes of packaging versus standard glass bottles, reducing fuel requirements and the number of trucks on the road.

For consumers, cartons provide a convenient, safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to glass bottles. They are lightweight, shatter-proof and easy to grip, store, pour and re-seal. After use, they can be flattened to a sixth of their original size, saving space in the recycling bin. Finally, and most importantly, cartons protect the quality of wine – great news for wine lovers everywhere!